About Me

The creative adult is the child who survived.

From the tender age of 16, AJ Joshi always knew he was an entrepreneur and decided his job at the local phone shop was going to be his last, packed with just £100, he decided to leave and never worked for anyone else again.

AJ Joshi went on to establish a successful career in the music industry and is known for founding one of UK’s first internet radio stations, MajorFm.com in 2001, later winning the award for Best Radio station in the UK beating Kiss, Capital and BBC1xtra at the People’s Choice Music Awards.

He later co-founded UKRecordShop.com, at the time, one of UK’s largest and leading music houses involved in recording, designing, distributing and selling music, merchandise and other goods direct to consumer for artists he personally worked with. UKRecordShop.com powered the BBC Urban Music chart. AJ is recognised to have founded and helped establish the careers of several notable music artists, many of whom are now recognised on a world stage.

In 2007 AJ diversified his focus into other industries and ventured into digital media, telecoms and disruptive technology.

He is currently the CEO of Ikaroa, a development house and digital agency with an in-house incubator and accelerator helping tech ventures build their product and then leverage social and digital marketing to help amplify their brand with a key focus on customer acquisition. He is considered a Social Media A̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ Guru helping propel brands to a global audience. 

AJ is very involved in disrupting the fitness industry and is currently hands-on building a marketplace product called FIT.live helping personal trainers and fitness express reach new audiences globally. FIT.live is one of the largest LIVE fitness platforms with over 300,000 followers.

AJ is also an advisor, non-exec / board member to other tech ventures and very committed and extremely passionate to spending the rest of his time with family and on philanthropic activities focused on children and women in need.

Passions include music production, philosophy. technology and future thinking. 

AJ Joshi is also a Mensa International Certified Genius with an IQ in the top 2% of the global population. 🤓 

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I am because we are.